Announcing Spectrum Scale 5.0

Late last year Spectrum Scale 5.0 was released, this is the first major version of Scale (formerly known as GPFS) for quite some time and represents some major updates to the system. This includes making day-to-day operation far easier via GUI developments and large improvements to installation.

For those who don’t know Scale is a fully software defined highly configurable, scale-out storage system, which is used in archive, data protection storage, cloud object storage, NAS, Hadoop, medical and HPC environments. You don’t need to buy hardware from IBM, as with many competitors’ systems, but IBM do produce hardware that it can be run on – don’t think of this as an appliance though, rather an assured performance platform. Unlike an appliance, once you’re finished with the hardware, you can do what you want with it, it’s not locked to the software. Scale can also be run on your own hardware, in the cloud or extended across multiple sites and cloud.

As part of the Spectrum Storage Suite, Scale is tightly integrated with the other Suite packages. For example: Scale has backup integration with Protect, however Protect can also integrate with Scale as storage. Scale can be monitored by Control, but also perform HSM to Cloud Object Storage and/or Archive…

IBM’s announcement and new features can be found here:

There’s a really large amount of new features, it’s worth a look.