No Room At The LUN?

Many companies don’t have the resources to install complex datacentre storage analysis tools in order to manage their systems and consequently have no idea if they have any room at the LUN. (Yeah, that’s it, my single Christmas pun…) The result is that the very companies who need to keep their storage costs under control, may find that they’re needlessly running low tier workloads on high tier storage and incurring much higher costs, because they can’t afford the analysis required. Until now, that is.

I thought I’d do a quick update about a recent release of Spectrum Storage Insights, which I didn’t talk about a couple of weeks ago when it was released.

For those not in the know – Spectrum Storage Insights is a cloud hosted storage management system, which handles some pretty big features:

  • Monitoring and reporting of storage assets
  • Storage reclamation analysis
  • Storage tiering analysis
  • Performance insights

All of this from a single easily installed VM (or more than one for HA) which moves analysis data up to the cloud and is delivered on a simple monthly or yearly subscription. The system is so easily installed that IBM think you can get it up and running in about 5 minutes and get useful insights out of it in 30.

Until now Spectrum Storage Insights has been orientated around IBM storage, or 3rd party storage virtualised with Spectrum Virtualise (formerly SVC). With this current release, IBM are announcing DellEMC storage support.

Rather than bang on about it in text, I’ll let it speak for itself:


Guided Demo:

Find more information and sign up for a free 30 day trial here: